• Diagnostics – $49.95  (Minimum Required Fee)  (Free with Repair)

We’ll find out what’s wrong with your system and call you with a quote!

Most Popular Services

  • Virus Removal – $85

We’ll perform a virus removal; however, some are irremovable and a Reload may be necessary.

  • Reload – $99   (Reset to Factory Settings)

A Reload fixes most software issues by wiping your computer clean and resetting it back to factory settings.

               Note: Programs and Installed Software will be deleted if the  Operating System is reloaded.

  • Data Transfer – $50 for 10 GB or Less     $75 for more than 10 GB

We can save and transfer your data (with an exception of programs) to any medium, including: CD’s, DVD’s, Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, or another computer!

Software Services

  • System Optimization – $65

We will tweak windows for speed, remove any minor spyware, delete temporary files, defragment the hard drive, perform any Windows© updates, and disable unneeded background services and programs.

  • Data Recovery – $85 /Hour

Recover deleted data and/or data from bad hard drives or flash drives.

  • Download Drivers & Burn to Disc – $15

We’ll download drivers and burn them to a disc for you.

  • Software Installation/Removal – $25

We can install or remove programs for you.

  • Format Hard Drive – $10

If you need a hard drive completely wiped – we can do it.

Hardware Services

  • Memory Install – $25 (Free with Purchase)
  • Power Supply Install – $25
  • DVD/CDRW Install – $25
  • Video Card Install – $25
  • Sound Card Install – $25
  • LAN/Wireless Card Install – $25
  • Hard Drive Install – $25
  • Standard Case Change Over – $75
  • Gaming Machine Change Over – $150
  • Motherboard Install – $75
  • Processor & Fan Install – $25

Onsite Service (Home & Business)

  • Service Fee – $85 / Hour

We will travel out, diagnose, and fix your problem at a flat rate.
(Extra costs for equipment may apply)

  • Outside City Limits?

A travel fee of $50 will be added to your bill if you’re located outside the Tupelo, MS city limits.

Offsite Data Recovery

  • We will ship your drive off to a recovery center and have your data back in no time!