1139 W. Main St Tupelo MS 38801

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1139 W. Main St Tupelo MS 38801

Mon-Sat: 9:00–6:00 Sun: CLOSED
+1 662 841 6991

Your computer is your connection to the world. Your bills, your banking, work access, and sharing with your friends on social media.

Be it a desktop or laptop, Computer Universe has the skills to optimize, repair, or rebuild your system.


Run Extensive Hardware and Software tests
$49.95 ( Only Applicable If No Repair Is Done)

System Reload

Clean the Drive, and Install A Fresh Copy Of the Operating System

Virus Removal

Clean the System Of: Infectious files, Bloatware, Or Malware

Part Install

Install Hardware
$25.00 - $150.00

Software Installation

Download, Install, And Activate Software

Computer Universe Data Backup And Restore

Pull and Save Your Data From A Computer Universe Machine, Upload It to Another Drive Of Your Choice

Data Backup And Restore

Pull And Save Your Data, And Backup To Another Drive Of Your Choice

System Optimization

Updates Software and Available Drivers to Allow Machine to Run As Fast As Possible

Build Fee

Install All Hardware, Install Operating System, and Optimize Drivers

Component Reset

Reset Internal Components, and Software

Clone Drive To Drive

Copies An Exact Replica Of One Drive To Another

Printer Setup

Downloads And Installs Drivers For Printer And Connects Printer To Computer

Express Service Fee

Hourly Fee For Express Service
$150.00 PER HOUR

Password Removal

Removal And/Or Deletion Of User-Created Password

Data Recovery

Attempt To Pull Corrupted or Missing Data
$85.00 /Hour