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Sunday: 9AM - 6PM

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Chloe Waddle
Customer Service/Service Check-in

Although she has only been with company for a year,  Chloe exhibits the qualities we prize. Those are a cheerful and professional personality when helping customers. Meticulous care in handling customer equipment, And great problem solving skills.  

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Ed Rogers
Assistant Sales Manager /Technician

Ed Rogers has been with the company for 15 years. He is dedicated to providing the parts or computers to fulfill your requirements.

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Jeremy Shaffer
System Build Technician/Service Counter/Sales

Jeremy has been with the company two (2) years. In that time, he has served in multiple roles.  As an avid "Gamer" he can build a full range of gaming systems. He can also help those customers that want to build their own system in choosing the appropriate hardware to fit their needs.

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Joel Scott

Joel and his brother founded Computer Universe Over 20 years ago, Since that beginning, There have been many changes to products and services, but there has only been one goal in mind. That Goal is to provide the best customer service and experience possible.

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Shelly Maxey-Howell
  Although she has only been with the company for a few weeks, Shelly has shown a great interest in helping customers fulfill their computing needs.
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Tammy White

Tammy has been with the company for ten(10) years. Her cheerful attitude toward our customers in Accounts Receivable/ Payable, Ensures that those customers continue to be so.